Let You Go - Acoustic lonely

Say When Crew
J Norman


Finally going to let you, and all the bad feelings I get when I think about you, go tonight.



Music by J. Norman Lyrics by J. Norman - K. Peterson

Copyright 2007 Say When Music (ASCAP)

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Gonna let you go
Let you melt away like snow
I’m gonna put down
What I've carried too long
Gonna let you go
You won’t even know
But tonight I'll let you go
Gonna let you go
Get from underneath this load
Gonna rise up
I’m gonna rise above
You won’t feel a thing
But I'll set you free
And tonight I'll be released
This isn't forgiveness
'Cause I did not deserve this
Tonight this weight you'll hold alone
Because I am letting go
Gonna free my soul
Gonna get right
Get some sleep tonight
Gonna let you go 
And you won’t even know
But tonight I’ll let you go