Gypsy Song - Acoustic Americana road song

Say When Crew
J Norman - K Peterson


I think this is the first song Klaus and I ever wrote together... just wanted to put a new "gentler" spin on it. 



J. Norman - K. Peterson 

Copyright Say When Music ASCAP

Livin' on the open road ain't the life I chose

I never meant to be out here in this life alone

Movin' up and down this highway's

The only life I've ever known

Never havin' anywhere I can call my home

I keep thinkin' to myself I was born

In a Gypsy song

"Cause something keeps me out here like a thief in the night

Gypsy song, stuck in a Gypsy song

I've been singin' it all my life

I headed out of Wichita on the 60 East

Woke to a morning son in a Smoky Mountain breeze

Headed down to Florida for a winter month's retreat

I'll never let no Northern Wind get the best of me