Devotion - Raitt-ish

Say When Crew
J Norman - J Bryan - K Peterson


Slide guitars and an attitude. Devotion is proof of your words.



J. Norman - J. Bryan - K. Peterson

Copyright Say When Music (ASCAP)

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When I call you up, will you come runnin’?
When my shades are down, will you let the sun in?
When we go downtown, I wanna know 
You won't be lookin’ ‘round, won’t be lookin’ ‘round
I ain’t tryin’ to put you under my thumb, but more than love
I want devotion
Will you back me up when I’m in a showdown?
Will you pick me up when I’m feelin’ low down?
When the money’s gone cause we done spent it all
I want to know baby, that you’ll keep on hangin’ on, 
I ain’t tryin’ to put you under the gun, but more than love
I want devotion
You can shower me with money, tell me pretty lies
Tell me that you've never seen such deep blue eyes
Buy me roses, write me poetry and dress real nice
You can tell me that you love me a million times 
But if I hurt myself will you kiss and make it better?
When I’m out of town, will you write me a love letter?
When they lay me down and the angels come
I've got to know baby,
I was your number one
I ain’t messin’ with close enough 'cause more than love
I want devotion, a little bit of devotion,
I want your devotion...